The audio drama dedicated to the topic of the war in Ukraine was shortlisted by PHNX festival 2023 in the Creative for Peace nomination.

After the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, Russian journalists, officials, diplomats and even the President himself daily threaten to use nuclear weapons against Kyiv, Washington, London, Warsaw, Berlin and others.

At the same time, Russian propaganda managed to convince the Russian audience that the launch of nuclear missiles could only be from Russia. The rest of the countries will not have time to answer, or they simply have nothing to answer with. Therefore, ordinary Russian people stopped thinking about the fact that the launch of nuclear missiles would also have consequences for Russian cities, which would instantly be subjected to retaliatory strikes.

In this regard, our main task was to show the Russians that when the Russian authorities threaten to launch nuclear strikes on other countries, they also threaten the Russians themselves.

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An audio-drama "The End" was shortlisted at PHNX 2023
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