Dogs were the first
How many cats does it take to create a shampoo that doesn't irritate the eyes? How many dogs does it take to determine a lethal dose of Viagra? How many rabbits does it take to make sure baby cream no longer causes skin ulcers?
Client: Mitch&Me
Advertising campaign
As a senior creative you will be expected to:

  • Consistent at delivering ideas, including platform/ big ideas.
  • Fast and reliable, can work under pressure when needed.
  • Understands tone of voice, look + feel, and has the ability to define a 'brand world'.
  • Vocal and able to give opinions and recommendations on what they think is right.
  • Takes direction and feedback well, re-working ideas or creating something entirely new.
  • Has an understanding of the agency process and helps other departments during the journey of a project.
  • Strong knowledge of the production process,
  • and their role in it.
  • Actively seeks problems to solve in our partners business, or proactively extends campaigns.
  • Able to time manage multiple projects, and prioritise their own work flow.
  • Presents ideas in a way that captivates, from deck to verbal presentation.
You have to be
  • Passionate about words and developing the craft of writing.
  • Able to understand, relate, empathise and write to an audience.
  • Able to flex tone of voice and tailor it to different brands and projects.
  • Has many reference points for writing styles*
  • Able to finesse writing in executions, but also in presentation decks.
  • Can present the writing and the rationale behind it convincingly to clients.
  • Can take direction and develop more copy when asked.
  • Can work with local copywriter, to understand the nuance of the local language, and write and defend that writing.
Qualifications, Special Requirements
  • 7-10 years of experience as creative and copywriter
  • Work experience in creative services industry
  • Able to generate ideas and present them in a way to inspire
  • Familiarity with social media, a love of culture and interest sport (ideally)
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Proficient in Google docs
  • Some periodic night and/or weekend work at times
Dogs were the first
"How many cats does it take to create a shampoo that doesn't irritate the eyes? How many dogs does it take to determine a lethal dose of Viagra? How many rabbits does it take to make sure baby cream no longer causes skin ulcers?"
Dog shampoo brand Mitch & Me decided to pay tribute to animals, thanks to which a person has become better looking, living longer and more comfortably. We are not able to help already dead animals. But it is in our power to remind people of those to whom they owe their comfort.
Every year, about 150 million animals become participants in scientific experiments. They are not asked for consent, they are not injected with painkillers. They are used exactly until they completely give their lives for the sake of experiments. They have no other choice. However, we prefer not to think about it when we use an expensive cream and choose a cleanser without a pungent odor.
We have put together a video tribute from archival materials. These shots reflect the moments of preparation and unsuccessful launch of the rocket into space. Dogs were not only the first to leave the atmosphere, but also the first to burn up in it. With this tragic video, we want to remind people of those who made human flight into space possible in principle. Sometimes at the cost of your life.
With this concept, we pay tribute to the memory of all animals whose lives were taken in the name of science. We cannot change the past. But we can make sure these animals are remembered in the present.
hours of editing and reediting video
hours of watching historical archives
days negotiating with a government archive.
Mikhail is an independent advertising and branding agency and expertise in. She is responsible for a lot things like doing this, doing that and on and on.
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