Elena was born in Odessa (Ukraine) and lives in Brooklyn, NYC. She is a professional psychologist and her main task is to build healthy relationships with clients and the team. Between business, she likes to watch eccentric shows on Youtube or read the memoirs of great military leaders.
"One thing is important for a client – to be listened to and heard. And for this you just need to ask questions and be interested in a person's life"
Mikhail Rakov-Novalis,
Chef Creative Director&Partner
Mikhail was born in Russia and lives in Brooklyn, NYC. Graduated from 3 universities, professional journalist, architect and art critic by education. During his 15 years in advertising, he has received numerous professional awards, including Cannes Lions, Epica, Red Dot and others. When Mikhail is not busy with another project, he most likely writes mini-sagas, stories no longer than 55 words.
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Elizabeth lives in Brooklyn, NYC and loves to travel. She creates an identity while sitting on the ruins of the Acropolis of Athens and comes up with photography concepts while walking around Warsaw. Elizabeth has a delicate taste and versatile knowledge in the field of fashion. Her photography concepts are published in Parisian and Berlin online magazines.
Nik Persival,
Account Director, East Europe
Nick is responsible for customer service and project management in Eastern Europe. Perhaps this is the most pedantic, punctual and balanced person in the creative business that you have ever met. When he is not busy making schedules, plans and communicating with clients, then, most likely, at this moment he writes music. Nick also received a graduate engineer and a candidate master of sports in cross-country skiing.
Elena Palmer, CEO&Partner
"Today, people are forced to spend so much time watching ads that I don't understand why this time can't be the most exciting time of their lives?"
"The American candidate somehow lost the election because of a badly made ballot where people ticked the wrong boxes. Design is very important, damn it!"
Elizabeth Belova,
Lead Graphic Designer
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